July 8, 1759

1759 July 8 (Sunday).  Patty Dunlop (by Desire) comes in the Morning to assist us and tarrys till next morning.  Read Neh. 12 and Act 22.  Preached a.m. on 2 Tim. 3.7.  P.M. repeated two Expositions, viz. on Mat. 5.9 and on v. 10.  N.B. In the forenoon Exercise I used great Plainness and Freedom.  May God Himself be pleased graciously to own and accept what was agreeable to His Will.  Cousen Maynard remains with us.  She and her Daughter Nanny at dinner here as were Master Fessenden, Patty Dunlop.  All the Children continue ill, though Samme and Sophy tis hoped are somewhat better.  We desire publick prayers for them.