July 1, 1759

1759 July 1 (Sunday).  Read Neh. 11 and Act. 21.  Preached the first Sermon on Eph. 4.18 and p.m. repeated with Alterations sermon on Ps. 78 against Hypocrisie: but used 1 Tim. 4.2, former part, for my present Text.  May God be pleased to impress the awful Truths upon all our souls!  I beg earnestly that my own Heart may be properly affected therewith.  Master Fessenden dined here.

July 2, 1759

1759 July 2 (Monday).  My Children much indisposed — tis probable some of them have the beginnings of the Meazles.  I visited Lieut. Forbush who as also his son Ebenezer is confined by sickness.  I Should have gone to Hopkinton to see whether Dr. Wilson has a Mind to go Surgeon in the Army, according to the Desire of Dr. Pyncheon that I would; but it prov’d a very rainy Day.  Alexander carelessly fell from the Baldwin Horse and incapacitated him for Business.

July 3, 1759

1759 July 3 (Tuesday).  I rode over to Mr. Isaac Pratt’s and improved him to make a pair of Breeches for Me, since he so ingenuously own’d his Defect as to my son Thomas’sSamuel very drooping.  So is Sophy: Sarah and Hannah not well — but I miss Alexander most, because my Field behind the Meeting House is unhoed.  P.M. I preached at Mr. N. Whitneys on Mat.  My wife according to her appointment went to Marlborough with her Cousen MaynardSuse went with me to the private Meeting.

July 4, 1759

1759 July 4 (Wednesday).  My Wife did not return last Night from Marlborough.  My little Sophy broke out thick with the MeazlesSamme somewhat but not perfectly: the rest are about House.  Mr. Moses Twitchell mowes for me, here at home.  P.M. Deacon Tainter sends a Boy to hoe and Phinehas Forb. comes with him: afterward the Deacon himself now the Third Time to forward my Corn Field.  He tells me it was somewhat hurt by the late Frost.  At Eve my wife returns.  Mr. Twitchell goes home.

July 5, 1759

1759 July 5 (Thursday).  Samme and Sophy keep their Bed all Day: Hannah partly broke out — so are Sarah and Alexander and keep on the Bed considerable part of the Day.  I rode over to t’other House and to look up Help to hoe.  Dined with Cousen Maynard.  P.M. Visit the Widow Betty Rogers, her Daughter in Law Suse having been sick lately.

July 6, 1759

1759 July 6 (Friday).  Divers of the Children have purgings.  Samme has also signs of Canker.  He sleeps very much.  Sophys Meazles were in splotches and Spread over her yesterday.  To Day she is better but is confined to her bed.  Sarah is chiefly upon the Bed, breaks out in a Measure and So does Alex — but neither of them fully.  The latter has a great Cough.  Hannah also Somewhat more broke out, yet the Distemper is to no ripeness with her.  Mr. Twitchell came and mowed a while but the Rain beat him off.  John Howe came to hoe, but could do little else than plough, with Mr. Twitchell, a.m.  They dined here.  Twitchell after dinner left my Work by reason of the weather.  John Howe goes to hoeing.  Several Neighbours came to help — viz. the Four Maynards, David, Ebenezer, and Nathan, and Cousen Maynard Sends two hands, Solomon Maynard (whom Captain has hired) and Jacob Garfield, with a Cheese.  So that my Field is a little enlivened again.  And Mr. Twitchel returned again to his Mowing and worked till late and lodged here.  A very faithfull, diligent Man!  I wish I might be as faithfull in my Business as he is in his.

July 7, 1759

1759 July 7 (Saturday).  Mr. Twitchell mows for me.  We have a sick House.  May God be gracious to us.  Hannahs Meazles fully out, and she is very touchy and troublesome.  P.M. Cousen Maynard kindly Visits us and helps her Aunt in tending the Sick.  Mrs. Newton comes at Night, and these two watch with them.

July 8, 1759

1759 July 8 (Sunday).  Patty Dunlop (by Desire) comes in the Morning to assist us and tarrys till next morning.  Read Neh. 12 and Act 22.  Preached a.m. on 2 Tim. 3.7.  P.M. repeated two Expositions, viz. on Mat. 5.9 and on v. 10.  N.B. In the forenoon Exercise I used great Plainness and Freedom.  May God Himself be pleased graciously to own and accept what was agreeable to His Will.  Cousen Maynard remains with us.  She and her Daughter Nanny at dinner here as were Master Fessenden, Patty Dunlop.  All the Children continue ill, though Samme and Sophy tis hoped are somewhat better.  We desire publick prayers for them.

July 10, 1759

1759 July 10 (Tuesday).  Mr. Twitchell mows for me all Day notwithstanding it was very rainy.  I am reading Persian Letters.  N.B. The melancholly account of Mr. Ponds unhappy Conduct, at Narragansett No. 6.[1]  May God Sanctify it to my own humbling and Caution!  And O that He would pity all his Ministers under their Many Temptations and Infirmitys and remember the gracious promise “Lo I am with you etc.”  The Children much better.  All of them go abroad, though they are weak still.

[1]Other than Parkman’s reference to the “melancholy account,” Clifford K. Shipton was unable to learn anything more about the dismissal of Daniel Pond (1724-c. 1797), Harvard Class of 1745, from his ministry in Templeton; SHG 11:567-68.

July 11, 1759

1759 July 11 (Wednesday).  Having been repeatedly requested, I made a Visit to Mr. Joseph Miles, who remains in a poor, weak, dark distressed Condition.  I conversed with him, but he would speak but rarely.  His Wife was very full and manifested great Concern for him.  Dr. Crosby came.  We prayed together.  I returned to dine at Home.  P.M. raked Hay at the Island, and my two Boys Alex and Samuel are able to help me which though it be but in some Measure yet is it a great Favour.

July 12, 1759

1759 July 12 (Thursday).  Visit Mrs. Nurse and borrowed her Chair to go to Boston next week.  Neighbour Zebulun Rice Sends a son with a Team to cart in a small Jagg of Hay from the Island.  Some of my Children are drooping — at Times Samme, John, Hannah.  We have the Melancholly Account of the Hurricane the Night before last at Leicester by which the House of Mr. [blank] Lynde was blown to pieces with [blank] persons in it.  The particulars of the Damage not yet known here.

July 16, 1759

1759 July 16 (Monday).  I rose early; Sat out in Mrs. Nurse’s Chair and the Baldwin Horse some time before the Sun.  At Mr. Stone’s just when he rose.  Broke Fast at Coll. Buckminsters.  Baited at Mr. Ebenezer Hammonds.  Dined at Dr. Wheats at Boston where I arrived at about 3/4 after one; when they were almost ready to sit down at Table.  P.M. at Brother Samuels.  His Daughter Bradford had a Daughter about a fortnight old — named Elizabeth.  N.B. her husband came home two Days before the Child was born.  Mrs. Winter in a low Condition.  Put up my Chair and Horse, and lodged my self, at Brother Samuels.  Capt. Bradfords Brother from Rhode Island lodged there with me.

July 17, 1759

1759 July 17 (Tuesday).  Visited most of my Relatives — my Kinswoman Winter remains in a very low Condition, at Deaths Door.  Dined at Cousen Langdons.  Visited Cousen Hearsy who has returned to her Husband but she deeply regretts it.  At Eve at Cousen Oliver’s.  N.B. She was brought to Bed this Morning with a Daughter, which she calls Mary.  N.B. This Afternoon Lt. John Small of Scarborough having prepared a large Draught of the Eastern Country, by direction from the Governor and at the Province House, goes with me there to Shew it me, and it appears to be done with great Ingenuity and Correctness.  I lodged again at my Brother Samuels.

July 18, 1759

1759 July 18 (Wednesday).  My Brother Samuel made me a present of an handsome black Coat, lined with Alapeen, for which generous Benefaction the Lord graciously reward him!  I brought up my Daughter Baldwin from Dr. Wheats to Cambridge, it being Commencement, but it was so late that the forenoon Exercise was begun, and it was a very hot Day, So that I did not go to it.  I dined in the Hall.  N.B. Mr. Webster of Salisbury returned thanks; as whose appointment I know not.  But it look as if it was designed beforehand, Since he, though so young a man, compared with many others, Sat at the Governors Table.  Attended the public Exercise p.m.  President under Languor by reason of Indisposition.  Mr. Lovell Orator, with good success.  N.B. My Daughter Baldwin at Meeting also.  We lodged at Sister Barretts.  [Marginal note: I paid him 50£ and Mrs. Stoddard 30£.  I bought Salmons geographical Grammar and a Bible for Alexander.  These of Mr. Winter.]

July 20, 1759

1759 July 20 (Friday).  Rode home.  N.B. called at sister Baldwins and Mr. Wymans in Sudbury and at Miss Mary Shermans in Marlborough.  The Family at home were in some Comfort, except the drooping of some of those who had the Meazles.  Sarahs Relicks of the Distemper breaks out in a bad finger.  Samuel is weak and pale.  John has something of Fever and Ague: and Hannah has sore Eyes.  4 Letters from the Lake — 2 from Baldwin.  Mr. Barrett visits here while I was at Commencement.

July 22, 1759

1759 July 22 (Sunday).  Read Esther Ch. 1 and Act. 24.  Preached a. and p.m. on Jer. 4.4, latter part, repeating with variations some parts of Sermon on 2 Sam. 21.14 from p. 9 to p. 22.  Master Fessenden dined with us.  N.B. when I appointed the Lecture I added a Number of Arguments and Encouragements to the Assembly to induce them to attend it.

July 24, 1759

1759 July 24 (Tuesday).  Lt. Rolf Setts out for Albany, and my Daughter Baldwin with him to Worcester or further as She can hold out.  N.B. I have writt Letters, to Mr. Forb. and to Thomas.  I also wrote a Certificat in behalf of Lt. RolfLucy wrote by him to her Husband and Sarah to her Brother Thomas.  Alexander begins to reap the early Rye.  P.M. one Jagg of the Maynard Meadow got in by help of Nathan Kenny, with Capt. Woods Team — but a Thunder shower soaked the rest.

July 27, 1759

1759 July 27 (Friday).  Received another Letter from Mr. Forbush at the Lake; and from Billy who is at the Same place.  They are in hourly Expectation of Orders to embark upon the Lake: And all Things are carryed on with greatest Dispatch and Chearfullness.  Blessed be God!  Visit Ebenezer Forb.’s Child who is Sick.

July 28, 1759

1759 July 28 (Saturday).  Was in Expectation of my Brother Samuel and his Daughter Nabby; but the Rain I Suppose prevents them.  Sent Alexander to Shrewsbury to Mr. Henry Baldwins for Lucys Horse; but he was not yet brought there.  Lt. Forb. here to acquaint me that his sons Child was Dead.  A sore stroke!  To have another son taken away.

July 29, 1759

1759 July 29 (Sunday).  Read Esther 2 and Act. 25.  Preached a.m. on 1 Cor. and administered the Lord’s Supper.  Master Fessenden, Mrs. Tainter and Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. I repeated what I had delivered in [the?] past from several Texts; now from Jam. 3.16.  See the preparations on 2 Sam. 21.14.  After the Exercises attend the Funeral of Mr. Ebenezer Forb.’s Child.

July 30, 1759

1759 July 30 (Monday).  John How ploughs and Hoes at my Cook Field notwithstanding the Showers: he also sows Turnip seed there.  I rode to Mr. Warrins and made her a Visit under her Infirmitys.  Was at Deacon Bonds to get him to hoe for me — and there heard the News of our Forces in the River St. Lawrence having landed in the Isle de Orleans — and the Army under General Amherst passing over the Lake and landing without much Opposition.  D.G.  Was at Deacon Tainters.  At his Request I rode with him to Mr. Joseph Rice’s, to talk with him and his Wife on Account of their Jarrs.  He made some acknowledgments, promised Reformation and hoped for Amendment.  We were obliged to take up with this for this Time, it being the first of my Endeavours with him.  Left him with strict and solemn Charge to mind what he had Said, and let me hear no more of his disorderly walk.  John How lodges here.

July 31, 1759

1759 July 31 (Tuesday).  John How works again, and John Ballard, a Lad from Hopkinton came to hoe for me.  N.B. I had let him have ½ Bushel Rye yesterday, in their straights; for which he offered to come and work.  Deacon Bond came with a son and Horse and ploughed and hoed till about 11 a.m.  Neighbour Moses Nurse cradles some Rye at the Island.  P.M. Mrs. Allen and her Daughter (Elder Halsey’s Daughter married to her son Samuel) came to see us.  Young Ballard lodges here.  Send another Letter to Mr. Forb. to the Care of Mr. Bowden of Holliston, to be conveyed to the Lake.