November 30, 1757

1757 November 30 (Wednesday).  Mr. Cushing has Sent to me that Mr. Stone, on whom he depended to preach his Lecture to Day, had a Lecture of his own at the same time, and therefore entreated me to assist him.  With much Difficulty I got an Horse.  Dined at Capt. Allens of Shrewsbury.  Went to Meeting, but the Ministers (for there was a Number come) were got to Meeting before me.  Mr. Morse prayed.  Mr. Stone (who had forgot to appoint his own Lecture) preached — Text James 4.8.9.  At Eve I rode with Mr. Martyn and his wife to their House; as did Mr. Stone — heard the papers of the Council on Affairs of Mr. Marsh at Narraganset No. 2.  Supped there, but returned home, though late.  N.B. Mr. Batherick is moved from t’other House.