November 20, 1757

1757 November 20 (Sunday).  In the Night and Morning, my Heart was  very heavy — a very great Engagement of thought upon my Subject, which I was not able to finish, yet enough was prepared for the Season of the Communion.  It was impossible for me, with my interruptions and avocations the last two Days on which I had great Dependence, to prepare for both parts of the Day.  Read 1 Chron. 17.  Preached on Luk. 23.33, that clause “and they crucifyed Him.”  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  N.B. Mrs. Hammond was mentioned to the Church, and attended.  Deacon Tainter dined with me.  P.M. omitted the Reading.  Repeated part of Sermon 1 on Jer. 5.20-25-29.  It was So rainy after Sermon that Old Mrs. Woods (widow) tarryed with us and lodged here.