November 4, 1757

1757 November 4 (Friday).  Mr. James Fay and his Wife make me a Visit, and dine with me.  I was glad to see them but it was an inexpressible Trouble to me to be interrupted in my studys to Day having met with so much hindrance every Day of the Week hitherto.  My Wife Still very lame.  N.B. Nathan Kenny worked here — ploughed — had a Yoke of Deacon Bonds Cattle.  At Night came in a stranger who thought it was a Tavern and ordered his Horse to be put out.  It was Mr. Caleb Trowbridge junior son of Mr. Trowbridge of Groton.  He lodged here.  This also was a sad, unavoidable Detriment to my Studys.  O that God would remember me in His Great Mercy!