November 6, 1757

1757 November 6 (Sunday).  Read 1 Chron. 15.  I have prepared and finished a sermon on Prov. 31.30.  But for several Reasons judged it better to defer delivering it.  There were divers strangers; and Several of the people had been in a ruffle about my preaching the last Sermon to women; therefore I waved it for the present; and repeated part of Exposition of the 3d Commandment.  Coll. Ward dined with us.  So did Mr. Ezekiel Upham of Sturbridge.  P.M. I read Luk. 8.  Repeated 2 Expositions on Mat. 9.18-26, with Some Omissions and Alterations.  Stayed the Church.  See Church-Records.  At Eve I read over and corrected my Discourse in the press on Ezek. 22.30.