February 28, 1756

1756 February 28 (Saturday).  Mr. Williams gives me Some Account of the Conduct of the Gales among them and what a Sorrowfull Condition the whole Family is in.  Called at Mr. Woodwards — find that it would be very difficult to attempt any thing in favour of Mr. Williams preaching again.  Dined at Mr. Bridge’s.  N.B. Sent Rev. Mr. Badger of Natick a Pamphlet, the Oeconomy of human Life, by an Oriental Bramin, in the room of that which I borrowed of him, and sent back but never arrived to his Hands.  I sent this by Mr. Joseph Graves of Natick, who called with me at Dr. Hemingways.  When I got to Mr. Stones heard that Mr. David Burnap dyed last night, in Southborough.  Got home in safety and found my House in safety — Blessed be God!  Our great Preserver and Benefactor!