February 10, 1756

1756 February 10 (Tuesday).  A number of Men, Mr. Daniel Forb., Deacon Forb., Moses Warrin, Neighbour Pratt, Neighbour Eli[e]zer Rice, etc. clear up the Burying Place.  The 3 first dined here and I asked divers besides but they were provided.  N.B. Wrote to Capt. Stevens of Groton and desired Lt. Tainter to deliver it to Coll. Lawrence, the Representative of that Town.  P.M. The Precinct Meeting for Debts, was accompanyed (according to the Warrant) with an Article concerning my Wood.  It was tryed, but though there was a major Vote, yet it was but of one.  And they could not obtain a vote of how it Should be got.  So that it was revoked.  However, there was a Subscription, which Deacon Bond brought me at Eve.  God grant me an Equal Mind whatever befalls me!