February 27, 1756

1756 February 27 (Friday).  My Business required haste.  It was my Wish and endeavour to get up to Weston by 2 p.m. to preach Mr. Woodwards Lecture — but It was a Cold morning So that people stirred early very unwillingly and I had much to do which I could not dispatch yesterday.  Got only as far as Mrs. Negus’s by dinner time.  Dined there.  At Capt. Prentice’s found his Spouse very low.  Prayed with her.  Mrs. Cotton there.  At parting my Friend was greatly distressed, under the apprehension of the very dangerous Condition of one so near to him.  Mr. Rogers gives me no determinate answer about Billy.  Lodged at Mr. Williams at Weston.  How sorrowful (alas!) that Such Talents Should be buryed in Obscurity!