March 1, 1756

1756 March 1 (Monday).  It was Town Meeting Day.  One of the Select Men, Mr. David Maynard junior was with me to obtain my Consent to laying out a Road through my Land North of the Meeting House which I gave freely.  And since he, and another desired I would not go from home till noon or would return home by that time, inasmuch as the Town might want my Help (however, the meeting was warned as I was informed, to be at 9 or 10 a.m.), I therefore tarryed at home, though otherwise I should have Visited Mr. Joseph Woods, and others in that Corner of the Town who are sick; dined at Home, and Stayed till nigh half after one, p.m. but there not coming any Message from the Town to me, I had reason to conclude they had no Service for me.  And therefore I rode to the Old Widow Rogers to See her, She still remaining sick and by reason of my Journey last week I had not visited her.  Thus there was no prayer at the Town Meeting; which I think is matter of Serious Reflection.

March 2, 1756

1756 March 2 (Tuesday).  Great storm, Snowed hard and covered the Ground some Inches.  Such a sight as we have not had for Several Months.  Robert Cook here with a Petition for a Contribution.  Mr. Jonas Bond and his wife (of Sutton) dined here.  P.M. the storm clearing away I attended the Funeral of an infant Child of Mr. Thomas Goodenow.  And thence I went to see Mr. Martyn who is confined by Indisposition.  Mr. Stone was there also.  And we both lodged there.

March 3, 1756

1756 March 3 (Wednesday).  Mr. Stone and I rode together to the Bounds of Southborough from whence I proceeded to visit the Sick Families in our South East Corner: viz. Mr. Joseph Woods: Mr. Belknaps Son, Mr. Chamberlins and Mr. Ithamar Bellows’s.  N.B. dined at Mr. Snow’s.  N.B. The very Obstinate Frame of Mrs. Judith Bellows, whom I visited once more — but with out any good Effect.  Yet both her Husband and her Daughter Comfort as much as testify She is in the wrong.

March 4, 1756

1756 March 4 (Thursday).  Mary Latimer here on the Affair of her Relation.  My Wife rides over to t’other House.  Mr. Daniel Warrin brings various Notes, but no Money; and cant make up yet by above 22£ old Tenor.  P.M. Mrs. Elizabeth Harrington (wife of Ensign) here, in Spiritual Trouble.  N.B. She tells me Deacon Newtons Widow told her yesterday that I was not to be at her House to Day, at the Private Meeting — (Yet thus I had layed the Matter when I discoursed with her, and induced her to continue it there in its turn, viz. that since her Husband was Dead, I would attend there in his stead.)

March 6, 1756

1756 March 6 (Saturday).  Mr. Daniel Warrin informs that our Kinswoman, Dr. Brighams Widow, is So very ill that it is doubted whether She will live.  P.M. I rode to Marlborough; and, Mr. Smith having Several times expressed his readiness to change, I now desired to, and he complyed.  Whilst he rode to Westborough I visited Mrs. Brigham — found her bad, but her Case not desperate.  She talked freely and with strength.  I lodged at Mr. Smiths.  N.B. Mrs. Dean, Sister to Mr. Smith there.  The sorrowful story of Mr. Cutler minister of part of Exeter confirmed; and is to be deeply lamented.

March 9, 1756

1756 March 9 (Tuesday).  Billy waits on his Mother in the Chair to Marlborough to see her Neece, the widow of Dr. Brigham: and return safely at Eve.  N.B. Dr. Crosby here to confer about the late Dr. Smiths Account.  N.B. Mr. Eliphalet Adams dined here.  P.M. Sent by Deacon Bond £5.12/ to Mr. James Allen, Taylor at Boston, being the Ballance of Ebenezers Account with him.

March 12, 1756

1756 March 12 (Friday).  Cold Day, to Day also.  Brother Hicks here in his Return from Boston, where he has been this Month, waiting upon his Case with Elijah Collins, which after all he has lost — except what the Judges in Chancery do for him.  Mr. John Green of Brookfield here.  Also Mrs. Whipple (wife of Thomas) in Some spiritual Difficultys.

March 14, 1756

1756 March 14 (Sunday).  Omitted the Public Reading a.m.  Preached on Rev. 5.5.  Administered the Lords supper.  P.M. read 1 King 8 from v. 22, and gave an Expository Exercise upon it.  Betty Bellows bad again; and I would gladly go to See her, but that I have not an Horse, neither am I firm enough after the Exercises of Such a Day to bear the Evening Air.  May God grant my Heart may be ever right with Him; and ever stedfast in His Covenant!

March 15, 1756

1756 March 15 (Monday).  Rode a.m. to Mr. Ithamar Bellows to See his Daughter Betty, who is very ill, and hardly in her Senses — fear She will Soon depart.  I dined there.  P.M. having ministred to the poor Young Woman as She was able to receive it, I visited Mr. Belknaps Children,  Mr. Joseph Woods and Mr. Chamberlins Family and returned at Eve by Mr. Eliphalet Adams’s, who is sick also.  [Marginal notation: Billy went on the 15th to work for Mr. Moses Twitchell.]

March 17, 1756

1756 March 17 (Wednesday).  Rode to Marlborough.  Visit Mrs. Brigham who is recovering.  Was at Mr. Henry Barns’s — N.B. her Harpsichord.  At Madam Woods’s (or rather Brighams).  Dined at Mr. Smiths.  Preached his Lecture on Joh. 1.11.  At Coll. Williams at Eve; Capt. Fay accompanyed me home.  N.B. Mr. Jacob Amsden taken sick of a Fever.  I called to see him.  N.B. Betty Bellows dyed about 10 a.m., Aetatis 18.  Extremely Sorrowful in that House and Neighborhood, there being no other Daughter in that Family; and but one or two more Young Women in that Corner of the Town.  It is a Time of Sickness and mortality in the Other part of the Town likewise.  May God fit us for His divine Will!

March 18, 1756

1756 March 18 (Thursday).  Mr. [blank] Winchester of Brookline, and Mr. Samuel Sparhawk of Cambridge dined here.  The former wants to buy a place.  P.M. I attended the Funeral of Mrs. Betty Bellows.  At Eve Mr. Samuel Fay junior here; and disturbed that I did not Visit his Children when He was under Trouble in the Months Past; and especially when he went to Albany — whereas I dont remember that I was Seasonably informed of it: and was, I think, at Sutton when he went: Was confined by Lameness and Sickness some part of the Winter: but, in brief, he being so often from home, I did not think of Visiting the Family, till I might enjoy the Company of the head of it.

March 20, 1756

1756 March 20 (Saturday).  When my Thoughts were deeply engaged in my preparations and I depended much on to Day for writing, I was called away to the North End of the Town, to a Funeral, viz. of Charles M’Allister — in his 32d Year and was the first Child that I ever Baptized: old Mr. Increase Ward being the first Person.  I dined at Mr. Martyns, who is still drooping and most of his Family indisposed.  In returning I called at Mr. Masons, at his Desire, and gave a Testimony concerning Mr. David Maynard junior to be carryed to Rev. Henchman of Lyn, carefully inserted that it Should not be understood as Passing my Word for him etc.

March 21, 1756

1756 March 21 (Sunday).  Read 1 K. 9.  Repeated Expositions on Mat. 13.45.46 a. and p.m. and p.m. read the latter part of that Chapter from v. 31.  N.B. I introduced the forenoon exercise with informing the Audience “That the Providences and Services of the Last Week had prevented my preparing, as I had designed, upon a subject that I had already made Some Progress in etc.”  I appointed divers Catechizings, and an Exercise at Lt. Bruce’s, in the ensuing Week.  After Exercises Stopped the Church on the Affair of Mrs. Judith Bellows, and the Church passed a vote to Suspend her from the Communion and from all special Privileges in this Church.  N.B. read the Petitions of James Allen of Hopkinton for a Contribution among us.  He had been burnt out, and lost his Goods, though the House was not his.  I read two Certificats concerning him; one from Simpson Jones Esq., the Other from Rev. Mr. Barrett.  I read also the Petition of Robert Cook, for a Contribution for him to assist him in building an House.  Having read these Petitions I desired the Deacons of the Church and the Committee of the Precinct would meet and advise what is best to be done.

March 24, 1756

1756 March 24 (Wednesday).  A.M. I rode to Mr. Ithamar Bellows’s, their son Simeon being sick.  Visited also Mr. Belknap, who with four of his Children are Sick.  Visited Jabez Snow, sick — and Mr. Amsden, still Sick.  There I dined.  P.M. I preached at Lt. Bruce’s, by Reason of his Wife’s long Confinement.  Text Isa. 55.6.  Rain p.m.

March 25, 1756

1756 March 25 (Thursday).  Held a Catechetical Exercise to Young Men (about 20) On the Power, Holiness and Justice of God.  Used chiefly sermon on Exod. 33.18: page 7 and from p. 11 to 15.  At Eve the Deacons of the Church and the Committee of the Precinct Met at my Chamber to consult about the Petitions for Contributions.  They were unanimously against any for Mr. Cook, and for one in behalf of Mr. Allen.