February 23, 1756

1756 February 23 (Monday).  Messrs. Cushing and Martyn dined here.  The former requests me to assist at a Fast in Shrewsbury next Thursday appointed by the Church on Account of Mr. Samuel Wheelock who remains in a distracted Condition.  Mr. Martyn came with a View to going to Mendon with Mr. Stone, to consult Mr. Dor upon Woodstock affairs.  Both of them return home unsuccessful.


Mr. Cushing, because I am going to Boston (by leave and help of God), Mr. Martyn, because Mr. Stone does not come, but sends to me a Letter of the Sickness and Mortality among them in Southborough; which prevents his going; or meeting Mr. Martyn here.  P.M. I visited at Mr. Biglows and at Mr. Jonah Warrins.  High Winds in the night.