March 30, 1752

1752 March 30 (Monday).  Prepar’d Something in reply to Benevolentius in the last Boston Gazette.[1]

[1]The Boston Gazette or Weekly Journal, Dec. 17 and Dec. 24, 1751, contained an article entitled “The Cure of Cancers,” taken from the Gentleman’s Magazine for July, 1751.  Parkman became involved in a dispute over the nature of phytolacca, poke-weed, and mechoacan.  A note from Parkman appeared in the issue of Feb. 18, 1752, in which the Westborough minister asserted “That at New Haven he made a Business of discoursing with Capt. Dickerman; who told him, it was Mechoacan that he used for his Cancer in his Cheek.”  Another correspondent, “Benevolentius,” argued that Parkman was mistaken.  Boston Gazette, March 24, 1752.  The March 31 issue of the paper did not contain Parkman’s response and there are no known copies of the next 2 issues.