March 9, 1752

1752 March 9 (Monday).  Went in the Morning to t’other House.  Thence to Mr. Francis Whipples to See him under his broken Bones — but they were newly sett, and he was asleep, I refus’d to have him ‘waked.  I was at Mr. James Maynards but he was not at home.  P.M. Pray’d at the Precinct Meeting.  Private Baptism was desir’d for an infant Child of Mr. Solomon Woods — I took the opportunity of the people’s being together to go into their Meeting and consulted (such of the Church as were there) upon it.  There appeared an hearty Concurrence.  I propose tomorrow, 11 a.m. to do it.  N.B. Captain Maynard here and talks with me about buying my old place.