March 22, 1752

1752 March 22 (Sunday).  I preach’d there on Rom. 8.7.  Mr. Minott[1] Schoolmaster din’d with me.  At Eve I rode up to See my Kinswoman Mrs. Fuller[2] who through God’s Goodness is yet alive and was able to be at Meeting p.m.  There came Mr. Holman and Mr. Fish — they follow’d me with Questions for the Explanation of the Sacred Scriptures till 10 o’clock.  I lodg’d at Cousen Trasks,[3] and Master Minott with me.  N.B. No Proclamations till to Day.  I baptiz’d a Child of William Wait.  N.B. Mr. Wellman preach’d at Westborough on Gen. 19.14, and Ps. 19.11.

[1]Timothy Minot, a Concord schoolmaster and occasional preacher.

[2]Mrs. Jonathan Fuller.

[3]Samuel Trask was an adopted son of Jonathan Fuller of Sutton.  Benedict and Tracy, Sutton, p. 735.