March 10, 1752

1752 March 10 (Tuesday).  A.M. very cold.  Catechiz’d at the Meeting House.  27 Males: 15 Girls.  Rode to Mr. Woods after Catechizing and din’d there, the Child very dangerously ill.  P.M. in Presence of a number of the Church and others I Baptiz’d it — the Name was Patience.  I introduc’d the administration with Some short Exercise on the Work and Duty of a Parent on such Occasion — and after the Exercise we sung part of the 143 Ps.  Concluded with the Blessing.  Artemas Ward Esquire there and came home with me.  It Snow’d very Hard and the Ground soon cover’d.  Wrote by Esquire Wards[1] Brother Thomas Trowbridge[2] of Groton, to John Stevens Esquire of Townsend about the Plott of Lott Land.

[1]The future major general and commander-in-chief.

[2]Artemas Ward married Sarah, the daughter of the Reverend Caleb Trowbridge of Groton, July 31, 1750.