March 12, 1752

1752 March 12 (Thursday).  In the Morning having thought of Mr. Forbush’s Case with regard to Brookfield Proposals, I rode over to Mr. Martyns whither he was gone to meet a Brookfield Messenger, Mr. Cutter; and I din’d there.  Mr. Forbush prepar’d his answer, which had some Conditions inserted respecting Wood and Sallery — and he sent it by Mr. Cutter.  P.M. I rode to Marlborough accompany’d by Forbush who is returning to Waltham.  I pay’d Mr. Felton 22£ 5 shillings old Tenor and obtain’d of Mr. Ephraim How to pay him the rest, as he Should want it.  I return’d home by Deacon Matthias Rice’s who is grown much better.