November 25 ,1750

1750 November 25 (Sunday).  My Leg is Still So Sore that I know not how to go out.  But the Consideration of the State of the Congregation if I Should not, and especially of the Church if I Should not administer the Lords Supper on the Day appointed therefor pressing me I resolv’d to do what in me lies, and accordingly under took with dependence on the Goodness of God to carry me through.  I omitted the public Reading to Day also, both a. and p.m.  Preach’d on 1 Cor. 11.20 latter part.  N.B. Before the administration of the Sacred Supper was taken suddenly with Such a Laxness in my Body that I was oblig’d to go out of the Meeting House.  When I return’d I proceeded to the administration without admitting Anna Bradish, but my wife came near and whisper’d it to me — upon which I stopp’d, and took her into the Church before I pray’d and then went on.  My wife and I din’d at Captain Bakers.  P.M. preach’d on Zech. 1.4, delivering the Chief of the rest of the Discourse begun last Lords Day p.m.  The Day was raw and uncomfortable, but guarded myself what I could against the Cold and hope I have receiv’d no Harm.