November 7, 1750

1750 November 7 (Wednesday).  Messrs. Newton and Forbush at the Chimneys.  Ebenezer lyes by great part of the Day.  Thomas goes to the New House and by the help of Samuel Bumpso tends the Masons.  Towards Evening Set out to visit Mr. Beeman: but when going heard he dy’d in the forenoon.  Nevertheless I proceeded to visit the widow and the distress’d Children.  Was likewise at Mr. Daniel Warrins, whose son Daniel dyed also this afternoon.  When I came home in the Evening found Mr. Prentice[1] of Easton here and lodg’d with us.  Martha Pannell return’d here from Mr. Rice’s.

[1]The Reverend Solomon Prentice, the former minister of Grafton.