November 13, 1750

1750 November 13 (Tuesday).  Mr. Maynard had Two Barrells and we have Two, of the Cyder made from his Sister Tomlins Apples, but were it not so Cold weather there had Perhaps been another Barrell.  At Eve Mr. Benjamin Tainter[1] brought his wife to visit us.  Their Brother Bowker[2] and sister Elizabeth were then come from Sommers.  They (except Bowker) supp’d here: as did Neighbour Obadiah Newton (who this Eve, plaster’d my Study Jaums anew; and pointed the Jaums in the Kitchen) and Samuel Bumpso.  Reckon’d with Mr. Newton who tells me he must be paid for nineteen Days, 20/ old Tenor per Day.

[1]The son of Deacon Simon Tainter.

[2]Sarah, the daughter of Deacon Tainter, married Joseph Bowker, Nov. 21, 1749.  Her sister, Elizabeth, married Stephen Sadler of Upton, Nov. 19, 1750.  Dean W. Tainter,
A History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Taynter (Boston, 1859), pp. 23-24.