November 9, 1750

1750 November 8 (Thursday).  Messrs. Newton and Forbush at the Chimneys.  Ebenezer though not Well, and Thomas tended.  Mr. Prentice left us.  N.B. Lieutenant Bruce[1] here before Mr. Prentice went away.  N.B. Mr. Hutchinson[2] sent his Desire (By Letter last Night) to me to preach his Lecture to Day: but I could not go, being oblig’d to look after my workmen, and to wait for a message concerning the Funeral of Mr. Daniel Warrin; not knowing but it would be to Day; Mr. Beemans being also appointed to be tomorrow, So that I Should have little Time to prepare for the Sabbath.  Nor could I well go because of Lame Leg, which was bruised yesterday, and I suppose have got Cold in it.  Besides that my Horses are smooth, whilst the Roads are slippery.  At Night Nigh 11 o’Clock came Mr. Harrington to call me, Mr. Bowman being apprehended near his End.  I went with him.  Got there about midnight — found him alive, and a little reviv’d, but very low — discours’d and pray’d with him and them present.  Lodg’d at Ensign Millers.  N.B. Revd. Mr. Curtis[3] (who marry’d a Bass) having attempted to go to Poquoag Ordination but without Success, call’d here in his way to his aunt Buckminsters at Framingham.

[1]Abijah Bruce of Westborough.

[2]The Reverend Aaron Hutchinson of Grafton.

[3]Philip Curtis (Harvard 1738), the first minister of the First Congregational Church of Sharon, 1741-1797.  He married Elizabeth, the daughter of Joseph Bass of Dorchester, Sept. 6, 1744.  Sibley, X, 282-284.