November 12, 1750

1750 November 12 (Monday).  My sons make Cyder of Apples brought from Widow Tomlins[1] by Mr. David Maynard.  At Captain Bakers Request I pray’d with his Company and din’d at Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s with the Officers.  After which the Captain accompany’d me in a visit to Mr. Bowman who is still sick.  N.B. Proprietors Meeting at Marlborough.  Sent a Plan of 5 Acres and 36 Rodes of Land lying South of Chauncy Meadows and west of the Cedar Swamp to be accepted; but it was objected against by Neighbour Richard Barns as what he Should claim a part of.  N.B. I sent the plan by Neighbour Eliezer Rice.  N.B. Mr. Martyn here and din’d with my Wife while I was with the Officers.  He brought the Answer of the Association to my Question Sent to them respecting the Baptizing of the Children of Justice Charles Brigham.

[1]The widow of Deacon Isaac Tomlin of Westborough.