June 28, 1750

1750 June 28 (Thursday).  Rode with Mr. Eliezer Rice and his Wife to Mr. Brighams and had discourse with her referring to her Temptations.  Attended the Funeral of Mr. David Brigham there being now but 3 of the first 12 members who were in the Foundation of this Church, Surviving.  May be truely sensible of our hastening into the Eternal World, who commonly are So extremely fond of this!  And O that our practices and Experiences might bear some proposition to our high and Sacred Professions!  After Funeral I rode over to Mr. Martyns.  Captain Eager and Lieutenant Holloway and Mr. Jacob Rice in Company.  My Wife and Mrs. Sally Gott came from Worcester to Mr. Martyns after we had din’d, but Seasonably for Lecture.  I preach’d on Hos. 6.6.  I desir’d the Knowledge of God more than Burnt Offerings.