June 25, 1750

1750 June 25 (Monday).  Funeral of Joseph Rice’s Child.  N.B. At the House of Mourning heard the astonishing account of the fearful Judgment of God on Robert Woodberry of Beverly, who having in his Lifetime been us’d to profane Cursing, and wishing persons might go to Hell and blare like a Calf especially would often curse his worthy Mother in this Manner — and carry’d it very basely and cruelly to his Wife, sicken’d and dy’d, and when the Corps had lain a Suitable Time to be laid out, a horrible Sound broke forth from the Corps, blaring like a Calf.  This Story is Said to be sufficiently attested to be credited.  After the Funeral I visited old Captain Forbush who has been ill of late; and he receiv’d my advice to him affectionately and gratefully.  N.B. William rode to Marlborough with Lucy and brought up Mrs. Sally Gott.