June 7, 1750

1750 June 6 (Wednesday).  My Wife, Mr. Haven, Son Ebenezer and Two Daughters Molly and Lucy rode in the Rain, in Company with Mr. Martyn, his wife and Daughter, to Grafton to the Ordination of Mr. Aaron Hutchinson.  Council met at Mr. Ebenezer Brooks’.  Consisted of the following Churches.  West Church in Sudbury, the 2 Churches of Westborough, First Church in Sutton, Church in Southborough, and the First in Hebron, and the Church in Worcester.  Mr. Loring Moderator, Mr. Martyn Clerk.  Moderator pray’d, Mr. Hutchinson was examin’d.  Mr. Ebenezer Wadsworth came and objected against our proceeding.  N.B. Captain Sadler and his wife, his witnesses on the one part, to prove falsehood upon him.  Mr. Joseph Batchellour and his wife were to be the other, but they could not be had, nor were prepar’d — but if they were, the Subject Matter of the Difficulty was not thought to be sufficient to retard the Council.  About 2 p.m. went to Meeting.  Mr. Martyn pray’d, Mr. Pomroy[1] of Hebron preach’d on Acts 20.28.  Mr. Loring gave the Charge.  Mr. Hall[2] pray’d after the Charge.  The Right Hand I deliver’d was much the same with that which I prepar’d for and gave at Mr. Buckminsters Ordination at Rutland.  N.B. Thunder Storm at night when we got home.  Mr. Martyn etc. Stay’d till it was over.  Mr. Smith of Marlborough tarry’d over Night.  N.B. Mr. Haven and Mr. Dodge went up to Sutton, and carry’d my two Daughters to Esq. Goddard’s;[3] and Deacon Burnap of Hopkinton came hither, and led home Mr. Havens Horse.  Thus have we Seen the Vacancy at Grafton, which has given the Churches so great Trouble, from Year to Year, thus far happily made up; and God grant the Joy may not diminish!  N.B. Wrote to Mr. Pierpoint by Mr. Bliss of Concord.

[1]The Reverend Benjamin Pomeroy of Hebron, Conn.

[2]The Reverend David Hall of Sutton.

[3]Robert Goddard of Sutton.