June 5, 1750

1750 June 5 (Tuesday).  A Day to be remember’d — as for my Accepting the Call of the Town in the Year 1724.  So now for my undertaking to begin the World again on the South Road — a Number of Neighbours came to Clear and plough down the Knoll which I purpose to build on.  It was very much owing to Lieutenant Bruce, and accordingly a.m. there was a number to clear the ground, Scil. Neighbour John Rogers, Thomas Frost, and Abraham Beeman, besides my own Ebenezer and Joseph, and p.m. a considerable Number with their Cattle to plough and levill it.  Lieutenant Bruce and Oxen, Mr. Timothy Warrin with Oxen both his own and his Brother Daniels, Mr. John Rogers with Oxen, which with my own oxen made up Ten.  Other Hands were Ephraim Bruce, Ebenezer Forbush, Neighbour Cook, Eleazer Williams, Timothy Warrin, Samuel Harrington, Simon Tainter, Abner Newton, Junior.  N.B. Lieutenant Forbush and I transacted the Affair of our Conveyance of the Title to the Knoll and Land adjoining.  He gave me a Deed of an Acre and Quarter — for 11£ old Tenor.