June 26, 1750

1750 June 26 (Tuesday).  Mr. Martyn and his Spouse here and din’d with us.  Towards Eve my Wife undertakes the Weaning of little Breck; and to accomplish it the better, she and Sally rode to Worcester.  When I was preparing to go to bed, came Mr. William Rogers and desir’d me to go to Mr. David Brigham, whom I found past Speaking.  He Expir’d while I was there between 11 and 12 o’Clock.  A serious man and I hope dy’d in Christ.  He was taken ill on the Sabbath a.m. at meeting.  Twas thought to be the Effect of the great Cold that goes about.  He was So comfortable this Day that p.m. the Sun about Two Hours high, he walk’d into the other room; yet a little after sunsett was not able to Speak any more, nor understand any Thing.  So Sudden was the Summons.  I return’d home about midnight.