July 1, 1750

1750 July 1 (Sunday).  Read Exod. 2.8 to verse 29, and Preach’d on Rom. 6.13.  Yield yourself to God — repeating what I had heretofore compos’d and deliver’d on that Subject.  My Wife and I din’d at Esq. Bakers.  P.M. read John 6 to number 34, and in preaching did the remainder of the forenoon Discourse.

July 2, 1750

1750 July 2 (Monday).  Joseph plough’d for Hilling.  Ebenezer much indispos’d and works but little.  P.M. My Wife and I in the Chair and Mr. Haven on my Young Horse undertake a Journey, designing for Boston as Soon as with Convenience we can get there.  A Thunder Storm came up, and we were Stopp’d at Mr. Elisha Wards till near Sunsett.  Proceeded as far as Mr. Stones at Southborough and lodg’d there.

July 3, 1750

1750 July 3 (Tuesday).  Rode to Framingham and broke fast at Mr. Joseph Havens.[1]  We call’d at Colonel Bakers.  Another storm came up by that Time we arriv’d at Mr. Benjamin Hastings at Watertown.  We din’d there, and proceeded to Cambridge.  I tarried and lodg’d at sister Lydia Champneys.  Mr. Haven waited on my Wife to Boston and brought back the Chair to me.  Kept my Mare at Brother Champney’s.

[1]Selectman and Representative of Framingham.

July 4, 1750

1750 July 4 (Wednesday).  This being Commencement I contracted Some acquaintance with Two of the Young Batchellours who were ingenious and Sober Men.  Sir Fish[1] and Sir True,[2] but I was entertain’d chiefly at Sir Cotton’s[3] (where I broke Fast) and at Sir Gardner’s.[4]  Was Sent for by the Corporation to give my Testimony concerning Mr. Hutchinson of Grafton.  N.B. Sir Dudley’s[5] Oration was pronounc’d, but very indifferently.  Din’d at Mr. Monis,[6] for the Sake of Mr. Martyn as well as to honor my old Master.  Conversation very much turns upon Mr. Edwards Dismission from Northampton.  P.M. the President in his Oration exceedingly laments the miserable State to which Learning and the Ministry are reduc’d — by means of the Niggardliness of people.  Complains of his own Miserable Circumstances.  N.B. Lodg’d at the Same place and Mr. Haven with me.

[1]Elisha Fish (Harvard 1750) became the second minister of the First Church in Upton, 1750-1793.  Sibley, XII, 550-556.

[2]Henry True (Harvard 1750) became the first minister of Hampstead, N.H., 1752-1782.  Sibley, XII, 588-592.

[3]Nathaniel Cotton (Harvard 1750) taught school at Weston, served as a military-chaplain in Nova Scotia, turned Anglican, and was made “chaplain and minister” of Pensacola, West Florida.  Sibley, XII, 540-543.

[4]Henry Gardner (Harvard 1750), the son of the Reverend Henry Gardner of Stow, became the first Treasurer of the State of Mass.  Sibley, XII, 558-560.

[5]Thomas Dudley (Harvard 1750), son of the Honorable William Dudley of Roxbury.  Sibley, XII, 543-544.

[6]Judah Monis, the Hebrew tutor at Harvard, was the brother-in-law of the Reverend John Martyn of Northborough.

July 5, 1750

1750 July 5 (Thursday).  I rode Early to Boston.  Mr. Barnard[1] of Marblehead preach’d the Lecture on 1 Tim. 3.16.  I din’d at My Kinsman Oliver,[2] who has a son (Alexander) lately born.  But Sorrowful accounts of the Conduct of Jonathan Coarser[3] in his Life Time, towards his Wife; and of his Miserable End.  N.B. Her sister Lydia is embarking to go to her Husband (Mr. David) at Chebucta.  At Eve Mrs. Harris, Widow of Captain William Harris was at Brother Samuels with Brother William who is publish’d to her.  N.B. Revd. Mr. Gay[4] of Hingham was with us at supper.  It was indeed expected that my Brother would have been marry’d this Evening to the Said Lady but by means of one of her sons going to sea She would not get ready.  My Wife and I lodg’d at Brother Samuel’s, My Horse at Mr. Stoddards, my Chair at Mr. Eaton’s.

[1]The Reverend John Barnard.

[2]The Reverend Parkman’s niece, Esther Parkman, had married Edward Oliver.

[3]The Reverend Parkman’s niece, Elizabeth Tyley, had married John Coarsa.

[4]The Reverend Ebenezer Gay.

July 6, 1750

1750 July 6 (Friday).  Mr. Oliver went with Me to one Mr. Maxwell’s in Kings Street where I bought Two Cheeses, one Gloucester (of old England), the other Rhode-Island, both weighing 32£ at 3/ old Tenor per pound.  We din’d at Judge Dudleys,[1] baited at old Mr. Livermores in Weston, called at Colonel Buckminsters[2] at Framingham and lodg’d at Mr. Joseph Havens.  N.B. an exceeding violent storm of Hail etc. on the fourth, p.m.

[1]Paul Dudley, justice of the Superior Court of Judicature.

[2]Colonel Joseph Buckminster, Jr., a prominent office-holder.  Temple, Framingham, p. 490.

July 7, 1750

1750 July 7 (Saturday).  Mr. Samuel Haven returns with us to our House.  In our way Call’d at Mr. Reeds; and Mrs. Whatnot gives me an account of Mrs. Pierpoints Troubles about Mr. Curtis,[1] the preacher who is there with them.  Stopp’d at Mr. Nichols’s: din’d at Mr. Stones and return’d in Safety, finding my Family well.  Blessed be God!  Ebenezer and Joseph have finish’d the hilling of Indian Corn this Week — having had Mr. David Maynard junior’s Horse to plough.

[1]Jeremiah Curtis (Yale 1724) was the minster of Southington (Third church of Farmington).  He was a zealous Old-Light and alienated his parish which dismissed him in 1755.  Dexter, Biographical Sketches, pp. 300-301.

July 9, 1750

1750 July 9 (Monday).  Prudence Winchester being Very low and like to dye, Sends for Me and I went.  Found a wonderful Change in her, and hope it is a Saving.  All last night indeed She was in terrible Distress, but this Morning had gracious Discoveries of the mercy and Graciousness of God to her.  Ebenezer and Joseph mowing.  Manning lodg’d here.

July 12, 1750

1750 July 12 (Thursday).  A.M. did something at the Hay.  P.M. preach’d the Lecture before Sacrament on Luke 24.46 to page 11.  After Lecture I rode to Grafton and supp’d with Mr. Hutchinson who to Day brought home his Spouse.  Of ministers there was only Mr. Cushing, of Ladys none besides Mrs. Betty Hall, and the Town people to wait on them.  I lodg’d there.  Ebenezer and Joseph reap Rye and did not go to Lecture.

July 13, 1750

1750 July 13 (Friday).  Hot weather from Day to Day.  In returning home, Mr. Hutchinson with me, as far as to Winchesters where we call’d to see Prudence, and he pray’d with her.  N.B. Her Consolation not without some Darkness and Difficulty.  N.B. Mr. Haven lodg’d at Deacon Forbush’s last Night.  Ebenezer and Joseph, besides what they do about the Hay, reaped and got in part of the Rye.  It has been, now for Some Time a wondrous growing Season.  Might our Hearts be as fruitful and flourishing!

July 15, 1750

1750 July 15 (Sunday).  Administered the Sacred Ordinance of the Supper — And as to the Common Exercises of the Lords Day Read Exod. 29, and preach’d on Eph. 1.3.  P.M. read John 7 and for the Sermon, though I had by me a considerable Preparation upon the Subject I have begun Scil. of the Fourth Commandment yet the Argument not being finish’d, I chose not to deliver it till I could in one View, at least the Same Day; and considering likewise that the Subject I was upon last Lecture Day was so much more suitable for the Day, I therefore went on with that, and repeated from Luke 24.46.  N.B. Mr. Haven, invited by Esq. Baker, din’d there with us (viz. with my wife, Daughter Molly and I).  O that we might have both a suitable apprehension of the Sufferings of Christ and have fellowship with him therein, that we may be also Blessed with all Spiritual Blessings in heavenly Things in Christ Jesus!

July 16, 1750

1750 July 16 (Monday).  Forbush[1] begins to keep School at Mr. Eliezer Rice’s, and lodges here.  Catechiz’d at Mr. Joslins.  Carry’d my Wife with me and visited all that Neighbourhood except old Mr. Garfield; dining at Mr. Chamberlins.  We were also well entertain’d at Mr. Joslins after the Exercise.  May God add his Blessing to my weak Endeavours to promote His Kingdom and enable me rightly to improve the Benefits which I receive from his people!

[1]Eli Forbes.

July 17, 1750

1750 July 16 (Monday).  Forbush[1] begins to keep School at Mr. Eliezer Rice’s, and lodges here.  Catechiz’d at Mr. Joslins.  Carry’d my Wife with me and visited all that Neighbourhood except old Mr. Garfield; dining at Mr. Chamberlins.  We were also well entertain’d at Mr. Joslins after the Exercise.  May God add his Blessing to my weak Endeavours to promote His Kingdom and enable me rightly to improve the Benefits which I receive from his people!

[1]Eli Forbes.

July 18, 1750

1750 July 18 (Wednesday).  Mr. Haven was examin’d and approbated by the Association.  P.M. We return’d home, but N.B. Mr. Morse’s both yesterdays and to Days Conduct towards me with reference to Mr. Marsh[1] of Narraganset Number 2 who Mr. Morse Says will not come to this Association because I am of it: and acquaints us that Mr. Marsh Spoke further to my dishonour.  To which I reply’d I fear too warmly that His reproaches instead of being to my Dishonour I esteem’d Commendation, his Invectives Panegyrics.  N.B. visited Captain Maynard who is confin’d by illness.

[1]Elisha Marsh (Harvard 1738), minister of the First Congregational Church of Westminster, then a frontier plantation known as Narragansett No. 2.  Marsh was a liberal in theology and he opposed New-Light fanaticism.  Parkman had moved to prevent Marsh from preaching at a Marlborough Association meeting in Aug., 1747, and thereafter Marsh refused to attend Association meetings.  Sibley, X, 300-306.

July 22, 1750

1750 July 22 (Sunday).  Preach’d at Southborough a.m. on Mat. 16.26 the remainder of the Discourse which I began there the last time I preach’d there, and p.m. on Hebr. 9.27 former part.  N.B. Judge Ward[1] din’d with me and with me after the Exercises.  N.B. I baptiz’d Two Children; Ruth, of Jonathan Newton; and Stephen, of Isaac Johnson.  Return’d home in the Evening.  Mr. Davis preach’d for me on Mat. 13.30 or number 40 and over.

[1]Justice William Ward of the Court of Common Pleas, Worcester County.

July 23, 1750

1750 July 23 (Monday).  Mr. Haven rode with Mr. Davis; the latter going to Boston, the former to his Fathers at Framingham.  N.B. Anna Bradish here on Examination in order to her joining with the Church.  Ebenezer and Joseph mowing and raking Hay at the Meadow.  P.M. Mr. Edward Bass and his Cousen Henshaw from Leicester here.

July 24, 1750

1750 July 24 (Tuesday).  Was called to Visit Mr. Abner Newton, who lies in a delirious State.  Joseph brought home one Load of Hay which they mowed at Mr. Rice’s, and 2 Load of Meadow Hay.  I read Prideaux’s Life of Mahomet.[1]

[1]Humphrey Prideaux, Life of Mahomet; with a Discourse for the Vindicating Christianity from the Charges of Imposture (London, 1697).  Several other editions were printed, but none in America.

July 25, 1750

1750 July 25 (Wednesday).  Read Stackhouse’s Abridgment of Burnets History of his own times.[1]  A.M. Joseph brought home 2 Load more of Meadow Hay.  N.B. my wife, accompany’d by Mrs. Hephzibah Maynard and Mr. Eliezer Rice’s Wife rode to Mr. Abraham Knowltons and Mr. Joseph Miles’s; and sent her side Saddle with immediate success to be Mended by Peter Butler, in Shrewsbury.  P.M. Molly and Lucy went to the Funeral of Prudence Winchester, who dy’d yesterday Morning.  Mr. Winchester and his wife sent for me but I could not go.  Colonel William Ward lodg’d here.

[1]Thomas Stackhouse, An Abridgement of Bishop Burnet’s Own Times (London 1724).

July 29, 1750

1750 July 29 (Sunday).  Rain, Thunder and Lightning.  Read Exod. 31 and though I have prepar’d a sufficient Number of pages on the subject I have in Hand, viz. the Beginning of the Sabbath, yet not having compleated the whole of what I design upon that Argument I thought it best to defer delivering any part of it; and the Instances of suicide in this Country, a. and p.m. increasing (to my Knowledge and Observation) Mrs. Rice also still under very great Temptations and strange assaults, I preach’d from Luke 11.4, latter part, repeating mainly my Expositions of Mat. 6.13 former part with alterations and additions.  Read P.M. John 8 to number 25.  N.B. it rain’d so exceeding hard that my Wife and a Number of my Family besides tarried at the Meeting House.  But Esq. Baker invited Mr. Haven to dine with me at the House — which he did.  By the Evening there fell so much Rain that there was a great Flood.  But through the Merciful preservation of God no hurt done among us by the Lightning.

July 30, 1750

1750 July 30 (Monday).  Anna Bradish further Examin’d by me.  Mr. Jonas Warrin of Upton came and invited Mr. Haven to preach at Upton which he consents to do after some Time.  Though it rain’d hard I rode over the See Mr. Abner Newton who was near his End.  N.B. terrible Struggles.  Convulsive Motions and Groans.  May God grant me to be ready for my own Turn!