November 28, 1749

1749 November 28 (Tuesday).  This Day in the Year 1730 my Honoured Father Deceas’d.  I would not only remember the Death, but the Sudden manner of his being Seiz’d, and would beg of God so to prepare me, that I may always be ready for his Summons.  My Wife and Daughter Mary made a visit to Lieutenant Eagers wife, it being good slaying.  The Precinct (as Captain Maynard who came in, in the Evening Inform’d me) met together this Day to Consider my Circumstances — Yearly Support, and Entertainment on Sabbath noons.  What they have done I expect to hear more particularly in due Time.  In the mean While I desire to committ myself to God and his good Providence.  The Lord careth for me.  May I have grace, also, to put my intire Confidence in Him!