November 5, 1749

1749 November 5 (Sunday).  Mr. Hutchinson preach’d at Westborough.  N.B. He and sister Lydia din’d at Lieutenant Tainters.  I preach’d at Grafton on Rom. 8.7, all Day.  And Baptiz’d Timothy the son of Abraham Temple, and Mary Daughter of John Adams.  At Eve Mr. Hutchinson return’d to Mr. Brooks’s where I lodg’d.  Major Willard,[1] Mr. Cutler[2] and Mr. Aaron Hardy came in, and had much Discourse with Mr. Hutchinson.  N.B. Mr. Hutchinson seem’d not freely willing to let the Town know whether in Case he should come up to the proposals he had made to them he would even accept of them.

[1]Joseph Willard, a founder of Grafton.

[2]James Cutler of Grafton.