October 2, 1749

1749 October 2 (Monday).  Lieutenant Peres Rice came from Southborough and receiv’d our Negative Answer to the Church in Sutton.  Sister Lydia rode out with me.  We din’d at Lieutenant Tainters.  P.M. I had his Horse to visit James Miller juniors wife: Mr. Samuel Hardy’s and Mr. Zebulon Rice’s Family — Two Children in the last Family sick of Throat Distemper.  Dark chairing home in the Evening yet call’d at Merchant Rice’s to receive Money of Mr. Daniel Hardy Collector.

October 3, 1749

1749 October 3 (Tuesday).  In going up to Holden I was desir’d to go in to Mr. Benjamin Eagers to see a poor Sick, despairing Man, one Clark from Westfield.  Got to Holden (in Company with Mr. Cushing) seasonably, and we kept the Day as a Fast.  Mr. Davis pray’d, Mr. Smith preach’d on Ga. 5.7.  P.M. Mr. Maccarty pray’d and Mr. Secomb preach’d on Acts  I lodg’d at Mr. Davis’s with Mr. Smith.

October 4, 1749

1749 October 4 (Wednesday).  N.B. Mr. Buckminster of Rutland had mistaken the Time of my going up there and therefore appointed a Church Meeting there at 9 a.m. whereas I had appointed to be there in the afternoon and had writ so to Mr. Campbell[1] and the rest of the Committee.  Accordingly having din’d at Mr. Davis’s, p.m. I rode up to Rutland.  Lieutenant Brown[2] of Leicester was there, and Deacon Davis[3] of Oxford (instead of Colonel Larnard[4]) came before Night.  We went to the meeting house this Evening.  Mr. Buckminster pray’d and though Captain Rice[5] was much against submitting his Case to our Cognizance, yet the Church and Deacon Ball[6] requesting it we adjourn’d to tomorrow morning and Mr. Cambell and I lodg’d at Mr. Buckminsters.

[1]The Reverend John Campbell of Oxford.

[2]John Brown.

[3]Samuel Davis held a number of town offices.

[4]Ebenezer Learned was a selectman and representative of Oxford.  Daniels, Oxford, pp. 586-587.

[5]Edward Rice of Rutland.

[6]Eleazer Ball. See Reed, Rutland, p. 139.

October 5, 1749

1749 October 5 (Thursday).  Met at the Meeting House, both the Church and Committee of the Council and found Captain Rice willing to submitt their Controversie to us — adding Deacon Davis to us instead of Colonel Larnard — but N.B. Esq. Baker did not come at all.  P.M. carry’d on the Hearing again.  N.B. Captain Rice and the Church were reconcil’d to Day.  At Night the Committee were at Mr. Buckminsters reviewing and debating, till late.

October 6, 1749

1749 October 6 (Friday).  Deacon Ball came to us early to see whether his Wife, who had been distress’d all Night might not come to us and declare her Mind.  We consented but Captain Rice must be present.  He was therefore sent for, came and we labour’d with them all, after which drew up our Report and advice, and did our utmost to reconcile ‘em.  But now the Tables were turn’d; our Difficulty was with Captain Rice no longer, or with his son (John).  Deacon Ball was the person that now appear’d inexorable, and not to be satisfy’d with our Judgement and award.  The Church who had met in the forenoon, and again in the p.m. were call’d together after sun setting and we went into the Meeting House, read what we determin’d — and Captain Rice and his son accepted it; and the Church by their Vote also approv’d of it, but Deacon Ball stood out to the last.  Mr. Campbell pray’d and we broke up; our Hearts griev’d that we are forc’d to leave any Remains of the Contention.  But blessed be God for any Measure of Success!  Very Cold Nights one after another.  We lodge still at Mr. Buckminsters.

October 7, 1749

1749 October 7 (Saturday).  Visited Mr. Frink[1] as we came off.  I was at Mr. Feltons[2] to see whether some of my stray Cattle are not there: but am not enough acquainted with my marks to know them.  N.B. Mr. Feltons wife was a Trask.  Din’d at Mr. Davis’s.[3]  Return’d home at Eve, and found all in peace.  Blessed be God!

[1]The Reverend Thomas Frink of Rutland District, later Barre.

[2]Joseph Felton of Rutland.

[3]The Reverend Joseph Davis of Holden.

October 8, 1749

1749 October 8 (Sunday).  Another very rainy, Stormy Sabbath.  Administer’d the Lords Supper — the first in the new Meeting House.  Read a.m. Exod. 4, preach’d on 1 Cor. 11.26 a Repitition — having no Opportunity to Prepare.  My wife, sister Lydia and Daughter Molly din’d at Deacon Newtons.  P.M. read Luke 8 repeated an Exposition on Mat. 8.23 to 27.  Very tedious returning home at Night.  N.B. Reasons for Consenting to Shrewsbury Letter (requesting our assistance in Council) were it is near — we can’t keep denying — and no objection against that Church as there was against Sutton.  A terrible stormy Night of Wind and Rain.

October 9, 1749

1749 October 9 (Monday).  A.M. I rode over to Mr. Harringtons for the 2 Volumes of Mr. Flavells[1] works which he had brought up for me from Mr. Daniel Gookins[2] of Boston.  Also visited Mr. Jonah Warrins Family, one of his Children being ill.  Mr. Death[3] of Framingham here to buy my Young Horse, but goes away without him.  P.M. rain.  Ebenezer to Rutland after the stray Cattle.

[1]John Flavell (1627-1691), a popular English dissenting divine, was the author of numerous books.  Parkman may have referred to The Whole Works of… J. Flavel… Now First Collected Together, 2 vols. (London, 1701).  Several other editions followed.  Numerous individual works by Flavell were published in Boston, but there was no American edition of his collected works.

[2]A bookseller located near the Old South Church in Boston.

[3]Oliver Death.

October 10, 1749

1749 October 10 (Tuesday).  Clear, and Cool.  Sent a Number of my Books last night and to Day in order to their being carry’d to Mr. Gookins’s to be sold.  Honourable Esq. Goddard here at Eve, going with his son Edward to Shrewsbury.  At Eve likewise came Mr. Devotion[1] of Windham, and Coggswell[2] of Canterbury here, and lodg’d with us.

[1]The Reverend Ebenezer Devotion of Windham, Conn.

[2]The Reverend James Coggswell (Yale 1742), the minister of Canterbury, 1744-1771.  Dexter, Biographical Sketches, pp. 701-704.

October 11, 1749

1749 October 11 (Wednesday).  Mr. Devotion and Cogswell to Boston.  Mr. Whipple, one of the Delegates of the Church, came and accompany’d me to Shrewsbury.  Captain Baker the other Delegate came afterwards.  There met at Colonel Nahum Wards the following Churches.  Mr. Lorings,[1] Mr. Williams’s[2] of Weston.  Mr. Gays[3] of Hingham, Southborough, second of Bradford, and first of Westborough.  We waited all the forenoon for the old South in Boston and the first Church in Cambridge, but they came not.  After Dinner we form’d into Ecclesiastical Council.  Mr. Loring was chose Moderator.  Mr. Williams and I were chosen Clerks.  Then proceeded to the Meeting House.  Moderator pray’d and we had an Hearing of the Cause — the Complaint was by Mr. Isaac Stone[4] against Dr. Joshua Smith,[5] touching Original Sin.  N.B. Mr. Balch[6] pastor of a church in Bradford, and of the Council, was observ’d to turn Advocate for Dr. Smith.  At Eve I return’d home, there being a great Number of young Men husking my Corn this Evening.

[1]The Reverend Israel Loring of Sudbury.

[2]The Reverend William Williams.

[3]The Reverend Ebenezer Gay.

[4]Lieutenant Stone was one of the first selectmen of Shrewsbury.

[5]The physician of Shrewsbury.

[6]The Reverend William Balch of Groveland (Second Church in Bradford) was an Arminian in theology.

October 13, 1749

1749 October 13 (Friday).  Hard at it — all Day — the Result was read by Candle Light, at Colonel Wards.  N.B. Mr. Balch and his Messenger went off for Bradford in the Morning.  Mr. Gay and his Messenger drew off before voting the Result and were absent at the Reading of it.  I pray’d after reading the Result.  Return’d at Eve in Company with Mr. Stone and Esq. Liscomb of Shrewsbury, and Esq. Baker and Mr. Whipple of this Town.  N.B. the Council was adjourn’d without Day.

October 18, 1749

1749 October 18 (Wednesday).  Between 3 and 4 in the Morning Mr. Samuel Hardy call’d me out of my Bed to visit Mr. Jonas Warrin of Upton who is thought to be near his End.  I went, got there about sun rise (a stormy Morning, snowed hard).  He discours’d admirably well when I first went in, of his going to Rest — his praising forever and ever.  But by the force of his Distemper he afterwards became delirious, and his Mind was clouded and sadly distracted — after Prayer I return’d home, calling at Mr. Grows, Lieutenant Tainters and Merchant Rice’s.  Ebenezer has made 3 Barrells more of Cyder, which is the last (of clear Cyder) and makes up the Number of 19 1/2 Barrells for the Year.

October 20, 1749

1749 October 20 (Friday).  Sent Ebenezer with a Team to Lieutenant Eagers Tavern to carry a Barrell of Cyder Here for Mr. Davis of Holden.  I rode up myself and proceeded to Colonel Wards, to Mr. Cushings and to Mr. Edward Goddards — bought 42 1/2 pounds of Cheese.  Return’d p.m.  Mrs. Mehitable Brigham[1] here again to discourse with me about her joining to the Church — interrupted by Mr. Martyn who was come from Council at Sutton and Mr. Hutchinson who expects to give his answer to Grafton next Monday.

[1]Mrs. Moses Brigham.

October 22, 1749

1749 October 22 (Sunday).  Rainy — yet rode over to Mr. Martyns, we having agreed on the 20th to change on this Day.  I preach’d all Day on Mat. 25.46 latter part.  Mr. Martyn preach’d for me on 1 Thess. 5.19.  Quench not etc.  Mr. Martyn has news of his mothers being ill.  I return’d home by 9 o’clock before Every Body was o’Bed.

October 24, 1749

1749 October 24 (Tuesday).  Another very rainy Day, which prevents my going to the Association Fast at Harvard, and am afraid it will many others.  However, I desire to have my heart with them.  Did somewhat that way in the forepart of the Day, but was afterwards variously interrupted.  John Rutherford here to make a Letter-Garter-Loom.  P.M. divers others here.  Yet may God of his infinite Mercy pardon my great Defects!  and accept of those who this Day call upon his Name!  for I would hold Communion with them.

October 26, 1749

1749 October 26 (Thursday).  Daniel How p.m. diggs Potatoes.  Mr. Ezekiel Dodge here, with his sister Maynard.  He tarry’d to Supper.  He read some Letters from Cambridge which inform of divers late Severe Laws made by the Corporation especially against Absence from College beyond the Liberty granted.  Very fine Day.  Mrs. Elizabeth Miller[1] here.

[1]Mrs. James Miller, Jr.

October 27, 1749

1749 October 27 (Friday).  Pleasant Weather.  Sister Lydia Champney and Molly rode over to see Mrs. Warrin at Upton.  At Eve Brother Hicks, and lodg’d here.  N.B. Mr. Carryl from Hopkinton here in behalf of his Brother Woodwell and din’d with us.  Ebenezer return’d and brought home the Cow.  He paid 40/ old Tenor to Mr. Weeks of Lambstown for her keeping.  He can hear nothing of other Young Creatures that are still missing.  At Night came on a storm of Rain, but

October 28, 1749

1749 October 28 (Saturday).  In the Morning the Ground was cover’d with Snow.  Cold and Raw, and looks dismally.  Brother Hicks went over to Upton to invite sister Lydia to his House.  I have great Reason to magnifie and praise the Name of God for his Great Mercy and Goodness which he has shewn in lengthening out the Day of His Patience towards Me and towards this Church and people, it being this Day 25 years since the Church was gather’d and I was ordain’d the Pastor of it.  And at the same Time I have great reason to be deeply humbled before God for my Unfaithfullness, Slothfullness, Barrenness, and Unprofitableness.  May God be graciously pleas’d to grant me his holy Spirit to quicken me to both true Gratitude for the Lenity, and deep Repentance for my great Defects and Miscarriages!  And may God grant all needed Influences  of His Spirit also to qualifie and furnish for his Service, and to excite to it hence forward in a much more fruitfull Manner than heretofore!  and May the Long-suffering of God prove salvation.  May God be very gracious to the dear Flock!  and grant success of the Word and Ordinances among them.  And inasmuch as it is a Day of peculiar Difficulty, Burden and Charge, by the Building of the New Meeting House and my Remove, May it please God to vouchsafe needed Wisdom and Grace to guide and direct in those Important Affairs: and Smile upon and prosper our Endeavours for Re-settlement that it may in his own good Time be in Righteousness and Peace!

October 29, 1749

1749 October 29 (Sunday).  Through Gods tender Mercy we began another Year of Sabbaths.  May we have Grace to keep them aright!  I read Exod. 6 and gave a large Exposition.  Preach’d once more on Eccl. 5.1, applying and improving the Subject according to the season But spent my Preparations in the forenoon service.  P.M. read Luke 9 from 10.28, and repeat’d instead of a sermon Expositions on Mat. 8.19 to 22 (being Number 141, 142).  Was a pritty raw Air, and the Meeting House very uncomfortable, So many great Windows being open yet, and the Doors unhung.

October 31, 1749

1749 October 31 (Tuesday).  I rode over to Mr. Whipples, and made a Visit to Mr. James Maynards — who has for some Time been absent from our Meeting — but he was not at home.  Din’d at Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s.  He and I went down to the plain and view’d the Land South and South East of the Meeting House.  I visited Mr. Solomon Woods, Several of whose Children are ill of the Throat Distemper.  Had Opportunity to Day to talk with Mr. Asa Brigham about Some Meadow and with Mr. Beriah Rice about some of his.