November 21, 1749

1749 November 21 (Tuesday).  Sister Lydia purposing to go down, but being the Preparation etc. for going was not affected till after one o’Clock p.m. therefore though it was an inviting pleasant Day, Yet I conceiv’d it too late to set out to Day and perswaded her to adjourn it till tomorrow morning.  My wife and I rode in our Slay to Lieutenant Tainters to the marriage of Joseph Bowker.[1]  Mr. Hutchinson from Grafton there.  I was much afflicted with Toothach, Rheumatic Pains, and I was feverish — was not well, at Home or abroad.  Went to bed much indispos’d.  Ebenezer gather’d our Sheep home.  In all 16.

[1]Bowker married Sarah Tainter, the daughter of Lieutenant Simon Tainter.