November 3, 1749

1749 November 3 (Friday).  Considering the Dangers my Neighbour James Maynard  is in of throwing up his Profession of Religion with us, and turning to the Communion of the Church of England, I attempted again to make him a Visit, and found him at home.  But the most of his Discourse was to this purpose that Things had gone wrong in this town for many Years — above Twenty — yet he Said it was not because of any Disquietment he had with me that he broke off.  This he said three Times in the Conversation.  But he dwelt most largely upon the Conduct of Things in the Days of Mr. Elmer,[1] for he had little to say in his own Defence.  I din’d there — neither was there any Angry Ruffle.  Finally, I entreated him to Suspend absolutely determining to leave us till there might be some Opportunity improv’d to look into his Complaints and Difficultys; and if things did look to him, in the mean time too disagreeable for him to go to Meeting with us, he would rather go to meeting at Shrewsbury, which was near to him; than to Hopkinton, to Mr. Price[2] — and desir’d him to come and See me.  To which he reply’d that he did not know but he Should.  I left him with much Concern for him.  May God most mercifull be pleas’d to pitty him and rescue him!  P.M. rode to the Burying of Mr. Solomon Woods’s little Daughter which dy’d of the Throat Distemper.  At Eve Brother Hicks brought sister Lydia from Sutton.

[1]The Reverend Daniel Elmer who had preceded Parkman as a preacher in Westborough.

[2]Commissary Roger Price.