November 20, 1749

1749 November 20 (Monday).  Nineteen persons, older and younger, Three with Teams, to get me wood.  They got down to the Door 29 Load.  They were Lieutenant Tainter with his Team and his Son, Mr. James Bowman with his Team and his son, Mr. Harrington with his Team and his son, Messrs. Martin Pratt, Daniel Hardy, Cornelius Biglo, William Pierce, Jonathan Forbush junior, Solomon Baker, Joseph Grout junior, Elijah Hardy, Thomas Hardy, Seth Miller, Daniel Forbush junior, Joseph Bowker, and Samuel Bumpso.  P.M. there came up such a snow storm as made ‘em break off a little earlyer than they otherwise perhaps would have done.  I took Cold by being out among the People in the Snow.