April 29, 1749

1749 April 29 (Saturday).  After great and distressing Drought, there came this Day a refreshing Rain.  Colonel Hendsell[1] and his Spouse came in, but tarried not long.  Ebenezer and Daniel planting the Yards.  Had the Comfort of being seasonably prepar’d for the Sabbath.  Deacon Newton came and in the Name of the Committee of the Precinct invited me and my wife to the Raising of the Meeting House next Wednesday.

[1]Ebenezer Hinsdale (Harvard 1727) of Deerfield, had been the chaplain of Fort Dummer and missionary to the Indians.  In 1742 he built the fort in what became Hinsdale, N.H.  At this time Colonel Hinsdale was the representative of Deerfield.  Sibley, VIII, 141-148.  See Herbert C. Hinsdale, Hinsdale Genealogy (Lombard, III., 1906) pp. 84-87.