April 17, 1749

1749 April 17 (Monday).  A Precinct Meeting — partly to provide for raising the New Meeting House, and among divers other Things to See whether they would pull off the Covering and Closing of the old Meeting House and Use them upon the New — but could not obtain a vote to meddle with it.[1]  N.B. I sent in a Letter, which the Moderator (Esquire Baker) receiv’d; but without reading to the precinct, order’d to be return’d to me, which Lieutenant Forbush accordingly did.  N.B. Captain Maynard here a.m.  Also Mrs. Batherick.  N.B. Mr. D. Hemingway the Carpenter began to work in Framing of the New Meeting House.  In the Morning I visited Mary Garfield who is now very weak and low, but expresses herself very sensibly and graciously.

[1]The precinct voted “to provide Half a barrel of Roum, by the cost and charge of the precinct, for the Raising the frame of the meeting-house . . . Voted Capt. John Maynard, Lieut. Simon Tainter, Lieut. Abijah Bruce to be a committee to take care to provide the Roum.”  DeForest and Bates, Westborough, pp. 133-134.