April 24, 1749

1749 April 24 (Monday).  Mr. Hancock and I rode over the Mr. Martyns where were Mrs. Monis and the late Colonel Vassals[1] widow (who came up with him last Saturday) and I waited on them a few Miles — Mr. Martyn and his wife further, in their Journey to Cambridge.  I returned home by the way of Ensign Rice’s and prevail’d with him to Spare me some Hay.  N.B. Captain Maynard came to See me at my House and we have much Discourse about our Trouble by the Meeting-House being carry’d away from us.  Samuel Bumpso worked with my Young Men in finishing the Wall on the southside and building a wall at the Back of my House.  N.B. It grows a very dry Time.  Very high winds.  The Fires raged last Night and this at Hopkinton.

[1]John Vassal (Harvard 1732) of Cambridge had died Nov. 27, 1747.  Sibley, IX, 229-235.