April 23, 1749

1749 April 23 (Sunday).  In the Morning I rode to Grafton for Mr. Hancock.  Was entertain’d at Mr. Isaac Harringtons.  I preach’d a.m. on Jer. 3.15.  At the Earnest Request of Mr. Joseph Axtell[1] and his Wife I preach’d to her at Evening at their House, She having lain Sometime under great Affliction and long confin’d from the Public Worship.  My Text 1 Thess. 1.10 last Clause.  Rode home the Same Night following.  Mr. Hancocks Text 1 John 3.19.

[1]The Axtells took up residence in the north part of Grafton about 1730.  Pierce, Grafton, pp. 451-2.