April 12, 1749

1749 April 12 (Wednesday).  Undertook a Journey to Sudbury, it being the Day appointed by the Association for the First Fast on Consideration of the sad Signs of threatning Degeneracy and Defection in Religion.  Rode first to Mrs. Deborah Brigham and pray’d with her.  Thence (concluding Mr. Smith was gone) I went hastily to Deacon Tainters[1] in Marlborough and so to Mr. Lorings.  But he was surpriz’d to see me, he having put by the Fast by reason of his wife’s illness, and of this he had writ me a Line as he had done to other Members of the association but which I had never receiv’d nor knew one Lisp of till I got to Sudbury.  After dining there, conversing with Madam Loring (who is Yet very low and weak) and Spending a little Time with Mr. Williams of Weston[2] who (in his way to Harvard) call’d there, I return’d to Marlborough.  A storm arising made me call at Mr. Jabez Wards — where was Mr. John Weeks, and others.  Mr. Ward is selling his Place and going to New-Marlborough.  Mr. Weeks intimates to me that they grow sick of Mr. Jenison[3] who has hitherto kept School and preach’d among them.  Stop’d a little with Mrs. Sally Gott[4] to enquire about her Father.  At Mr. Smiths[5] into Evening yet got home and lodg’d at my own House.  To God be praise and Thanks!

[1]Joseph Tainter.

[2]The Reverend William Williams.

[3]William Jennison, sometime preacher, had kept school at one time in Westborough.

[4]Sarah was the eldest daughter of Dr. Benjamin Gott of Marlborough.

[5]The Reverend Aaron Smith of Marlborough.