October 22, 1747

1747 October 22 (Thursday).  Cousen Sarah Tyley and I set out for Boston.  The occasion of going to Day rather than next Monday, as I designed, was this, Mr. Jesse Maynard brought a message last night from Mr. Martyn, that I Should have his Chair if I could not do without, but that he had rather not lend it.  I concluded (charitably) that it must be because of feebleness of the Wheels; but if otherwise, and it was but half granted it was better not to accept of it: and another reason is I foresee I shall want to be at home next Wednesday.  We called at Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlins, who being Collector, had money to pay me.  We called also at Captain Goddards.  N.B. his Chaise was gone down and not returned, but he readily lent it to me if I lit of it.  Molly was at Mother Champneys and pritty well.  Cousen Sarah and I proceeded to Boston, to her mothers — But I lodg’d and my horse kept at Brother Alexander’s.[1]

[1]Parkman’s brother, Alexander.