October 14, 1747

1747 October 14 (Wednesday).  Some Difficulty about my having desir’d Mr. Loring to preach my Lecture today, it being Mr. Marsh’s Turn (as they would have it) — especially Mr. Smith was warm, Mr. Morse and Mr. Davis also in behalf of Mr. Marsh.  In opposition to them I declared my resolution against him. A vote was passed (which was to my great Satisfaction) that Mr. Loring should preach today. Accordingly he preached. His Text Ezek. 36.26. An excellent Discourse — many much affected — God grant the Impressions may continue and be ripened! After Lecture and Dinner and some Time in Conversation the ministers went home.  N.B. Jesse Maynards Child bury’d from his Fathers; Mr. Martyn officiated (for I could not leave the ministers nor my work as Clerk, but was oblig’d to Stay at Home). At evening I went down there — another of the Same Children taken sick.