October 12, 1747

1747 October 12 (Monday).  In the morning I rode to Lieutenant Tainters, who had kill’d a mutton and they put up a side of it in my portmantle.  I brought it home. Had a Quarter of Beef of Mr. Jonah Warrin. Price of both the Mutton and Beef 12 d. Mr. Joseph Batchellor brought home a piece of 21 yards of part Callimanco and part pladd for me a Gown, and for Lucy another.  P.M. I visited and pray’d with Jesse Maynards youngest Daughter, Sick at his Fathers. My Kinsman Cowell and his wife and Cousen Sarah Tyley rode over to Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s, and my Wife was also of the Company, and she went as far as to Captain Fays, with design to provide some Salt Pork against Ministers Meeting.  Our own Pork (notwithstanding we laid up So much) being almost out.