October 6, 1747

1747 October 6 (Tuesday).  Conceiving it somewhat probably that I may be call’d to give the Right Hand to Mr. Wellman tomorrow I took a little time to prepare a few Hints.  Lieutenant Tainter here and cut a young Calf, and din’d here.  Tells us that he heard at Watertown that Mr. Stearns[1] of Lunenbourgh is Dead.  Mr. Stone and his Delegates here in their way to Sutton, but I was not ready to go with them nor had I design’d to go so soon in the Day, my Circumstances being very pressing and difficult at this Time.  Hir’d Thomas Rogers to help in picking Apples.  Ebenezer got out 5 Barrells and a part of a Barrell at Mr. Hows Mill.  One Barrell sold to Mr. Chamberlin and 1/2 Barrell I sent to old Mrs. Crouch, widow and Blind.  4 Barrells and Some Water Cyder, were put into the Cellar.  Dr. Gott here p.m.  Just at Evening (I suppose Sundown) I set out on my Journey alone.  Reach’d to Captain Lelands, and lodg’d there.  N.B. Mr. Isaac Glezon[2] of Framingham there.

[1]The Reverend David Stearns.