September 28, 1747

1747 September 28 (Monday).  Visited old Mr. Fay. Was at Mr. Whipples, Lieutenant Tainter, at Mr. Jonah Warrin’s and at Mr. Williams’s.  N.B. at this last House (Mr. Ebenezer Nurse being by) we had some Discourse concerning the vast alteration of the Price of all sorts of Things, and the great Distress it reduces Ministers in a peculiar manner to: But twas plain that Mr. Williams was disquieted with it and did not love to hear of it; whereas considering the Evidence and  palpable Injustice done me in particular by the Precincts Delay to consider my Case, it is an aggravation of the Evil, that it can’t be mention’d without giving Disgust. May God give me Wisdom and Patience, and Fidelity!