September 1, 1747

1747 September 1 (Tuesday).  Rode to Boston with Brother Champney in order to go to Mr. Fletcher who had bought his place; and we were accordingly with him.  We din’d at Brother Samuel Parkmans.  A Sickly Time in Boston.  The Venerable Dr. Colman[1] dy’d Suddenly last Saturday.  Cousen Lydia Draper also is dead — her Funeral I attended this Evening.  Was with my Brother Alexander at Mr. Fletchers also, and I receiv’d of him 108£ 4 shillings old Tenor, being the remainder of what was due to my Children out of the two thirds of Father Champneys Estate.  N.B. We went also to Judge Sewalls.[2]  I lodg’d at Brother Alexanders.  N.B. Brother Champney led my Horse to Cambridge.

[1]The Reverend Benjamin Colman of the Brattle Street Church.

[2]Stephen Sewall, justice of the Superior Court of Judicature.