September 2, 1747

1747 September 2 (Wednesday).  Mr. Samuel Checkley[1] junior was ordain’d at old North.  Din’d with the multitude at Mr. John Brecks.  P.M. Dr. Colman was bury’d.  When such pillars fall, how the Whole Fabric Trembles!  Help Lord!  What threatening aspects!  A vast procession at the Funeral!  Twas observ’d that 66 Couple being the Males of the Church and the Colleague pastor in deep mourning before the Corps: Six senior pastors Pall Bearers with Hat bands down: 100 Couple of mourners and men — among the Latter, the Council, a great number of ministers — 4 Episcopal, among which Mr. Hooper[2] lately from England — 46 Couple of women.  4 Coaches in the first of which the Governor.  8 four wheel Chaises and 7 Common.  May the God of the Spirits of all Flesh grant double portions of His Spirit and quicken all surviving ministers to the work the Works etc.! [?] I supp’d at widow Jarvis’s with my Brother Alexander and his wife.  Lodg’d at sister Willards.  N.B. Cousen Nathaniel Parkman not well.  Gone to Nantucket.

[1](Harvard 1743).

[2]William Hooper was the minister of Trinity Church in Boston, 1747-1767.