October 17, 1745

1745 October 17 (Thursday).  Proceeded on my Journey to Cambridge.  N.B. Contest between sister Lydia and Brother Hicks, the administrators.  I refus’d to engage in it: and hasten’d to Boston, but ‘twas too late for Lecture.  My Brother Samuel gone to Plymouth.  My Mother wondrously Sustain’d by God and Comfortable.  Blessed be God for this great Favour!  but my sister Esther very low and confin’d to her Bed.  I din’d at Judge Sewals[1] where was also his Brother Mitchel Sewal, and after Dinner Dr. Chauncy and Mr. Rand came.  At Sister Eliza’s who (with her Daughter) was sick.  Lodg’d there with Parkman.  My Mare at Mrs. Keggells.[2]  N.B. The Negro that murder’d his Mistress at Mendon, was hanged, and Mr. Campbell preach’d the Lecture at Worcester.

[1]Stephen Sewall (HC 1721), Justice of the Superior Court of Judicature, later Chief Justice of Massachusetts. SHG 6:561-567.

[2]Mrs. Abel Keggell, Mrs. Parkman’s cousin.