October 14, 1745

1745 October 14 (Monday).  Early to Mr. Grouts to look at some Beef — he came to look of one of my own Cows to pass his Judgment.  I took his advice and determin’d on my own.  My Wife and I rode to Mrs. Gotts Funeral.  Mr. Smith though at the Funeral, was not well and could not Pray.  I was oblig’d (though it was so sudden) to pray.  We return’d at Eve.  N.B. Captain Hapgood[1] of Shrewsbury bury’d to Day also.  N.B. Colonel Ward said, of Captain Hapgoods repenting that he had talk’d so much against New Light People etc.

[1]Thomas Hapgood d. Oct. 5, 1745. Ward, Shrewsbury 306.