November 3, 1745

1745 November 3 (Sunday).  A.M. on 2 Cor. 3.18.  P.M. Repeated on Col. 1.12.  Giving Thanks, etc.  Mr. Rand[1] preach’d on the North Side.  Mr. Bradish[2] and Patience Wood[3] din’d with me.  Somewhat Cold, yet Pleasant Day.  But O that God would enable us by his holy Spirit to see Things truely, as exhibited in the Glass of his Word!  The Things of God and Christ, the Things of our Souls and an Eternal World!

[1]Rev. William Rand of Sunderland.

[2]James Bradish, an original settler.

[3]Walett: Mrs. Solomon Maynard.

November 4, 1745

1745 November 4 (Monday).  Wrote to Mr. Hall of Sutton to preach a Lecture for me next Friday.  In the Morning (which was very Cold) I rode over to Mr. Balls (in my way went into Lieutenant Holloways, where was Mr. Rand).  Suse Ball very low and distress’d.  Fever, Flux and Canker.  The Flux abates but the Canker eats.  Was at Mr. Livermores, Mr. James Ball’s, at Mr. Wheeler Senior and thence to Mr. Josiah Bowkers, to the Funeral of one of his Children,[1] another being very bad.  After Funeral, went to see Captain Eager[2] who is unwell.  Supp’d there.  Mr. Abner Newton there and rode home with me.  Rainy Evening.

[1]Damaris  Bouker or Bowker d. Nov. 2, 1745.

[2]James Eager.

November 6, 1745

1745 November 6 (Wednesday).  Ebenezer Splitting Hills [sic].  Mr. Benjamin Burnap here.  Lieutenant Holloway also, who informs us that Mr. Bowker has lost another Child and Captain Eager is worse.  Lieutenant desir’d me to attend the Funeral of Mr. Bowker’s Child[1] at 2 p.m. which I did.  N.B. Receiv’d by Brother Hicks a Letter from Mr. Hall that he could not preach my Lecture next Friday but he desir’d my assistance at a Fast in Sutton (on account of the Sickness) next Wednesday.

[1]Prudence Bouker d. Nov. 2, 1745.

November 10, 1745

1745 November 10 (Sunday).  Sacrament.  Preach’d on 2 Cor. 3.18.  N.B. Mr. Joseph Batchellor from Grafton at Communion.  Though I was not without fears that he would be objected against.  Deacon Fay,[1] Mrs. Billings,[2] and Mrs. Caruth at Dinner here.  Too few of the North side at Meeting.  N.B. I publickly warn’d people who were wont to go away home on sacrament noons without returning again, that they beware of so ill a practice.  P.M. I repeated Exposition on Mat. 13.14, from Luke 13.24.

[1]Capt. John Fay.

[2]Mrs. Thomas Billings of the north precinct.

November 13, 1745

1745 November 13 (Wednesday).  Notwithstanding the weather was rugged yet I ventur’d up to Sutton to the Fast on account of the Sickness there.  It was almost noon when I got there.  Exercise was begun.  I turn’d into the nearest Pew to the Door, after Mr. Hall had pray’d, and preach’d from 1 Thess. 5.19.  At Eve Mr. James Fay[1] at Mr. Halls.  Mr. Prentice not very well, return’d with Mr. Fay: but I tarry’d at Mr. Halls.

[1]Son of Capt. John Fay.

November 14, 1745

1745 November 14 (Thursday).  Through Gods Mercy, was very Comfortable though I had ben not without Fears of Rheumatic Turns!  I rode to Sister Hicks’s[1] (Brother being at Cambridge), thence to Grafton, Deacon Whipples[2] and Mr. Prentices.  Found Mr. Prentice very ill of his Disorders (the Piles) his wife also much indispos’d.  N.B. Dissentions among the Brethren in Grafton that used to adhere to Mr. Prentice, a Number (Ebenezer Wadsworth at their Head) take in with the Canterbury Men lately among them.  N.B. Ebenezer hous’d the Cattle last night in the Barn.

[1]Mrs. John Hicks of Sutton.

[2]James Whipple of Grafton.

November 18, 1745

1745 November 18 (Monday).  Mr. Rand was so good as to Stay and dine with me, but then left us.  Town Meeting to grant money for the School though we have been for a long time without any.  At Eve Nathans Father came and told me they were now somewhat put to it for Boys Help and desir’d me if I could Spare him to release his son, which I did, and he went home with his Father.  And may God be gracious to him!

November 22, 1745

1745 November 22 (Friday).  Sent for early in the Morning to go to Mr. Grouts Three of his Children being bad with the Throat Distemper, viz. Mehitable, Jonathan and Sarah.  Sarah was in an exceeding Dangerous State.  Receiv’d a Letter from Mr. Pierpoint[1] of New Haven and at Eve a sorrowfull one from Brother Samuel Parkman, dated Yesterday, to inform me of the Dying Circumstances (as they conceiv’d) of our Dear sister Esther; and that Brother Alexander desir’d him to write to me.  I was therefore Expected to go down as soon as possible. But I determin’d to tarry over the Sabbath apprehending that I should then be seasonable for her funeral.

[1]James Pierpont, Jr.

November 25, 1745

1745 November 25 (Monday).  I rose at 4 o’Clock.  Mr. Abraham Batchelors Brother, Amos, and his sister Porter were my Company an Hour before sunrise upon my Journey.  Cold and Rough riding.  Did not stop at Cambridge but proceeded to Boston — to Brother Alexanders and found his wife Alive notwithstanding all my bad news and sorrowfull Expressions.  Put out my Horse at Cousen Proctors, and Lodg’d at Brother Alexanders.

November 26, 1745

1745 November 26 (Tuesday).  Wrote to my wife by Deacon Amos Rice of Brookfield, that I was well etc. except somewhat of a sore throat.  Din’d with my aged mother.  But at Night I grew so bad of it that I was in great Trouble.  Something of a Fever accompany’d it — and I had an ill night.  N.B. Lay at Brother Alexanders — but it was a sick House without me, for besides Sisters low Condition, Mr. Walker continues in his Confinement by the Gout there, and Alexander Kelland lyes very low there, in a Consumption.

November 28, 1745

1745 November 28 (Thursday).  Having heard that Mr. Gee[1] has been trouble with a sore Throat, I sent for him, who accordingly came and gave me his advice to use a Tea of Mullen, Cullenbine and Sage which I did at Night, and hope that this and other means, accompany’d with divine Blessing, had a good Effect.  Brother Sam p.m. to Cambridge on my Mare.  At Eve Brother William, Brother Alexander and our Kinsman Hearsy and wife to see me.  Lodg’d at Brother Samuels.

[1]Rev. Joshua Gee of Boston.