October 16, 1745

1745 October 16 (Wednesday).  Mr. Martyn came and after some Debate he receded from the sentiments deliver’d in his sermon at Bolton, and sign’d a Paper drawn up to that Purpose, and upon that the Association wrote a Letter to our North precinct they had nothing to say why they might not proceed with respect to Mr. Martyn if the Committee etc. refus’d to wait upon the other Candidates nominated.  N.B. Mr. Smith who was to have preach’d the Public Lecture was not well, and requested Mr. Loring to preach for him; which was accepted, and he preach’d from those words [blank] Pet. [blank] The Precious Blood of Christ.  It was so late before we broke up that it was night by that I got to Mr. Lorings; and Mr. Seccomb being my Company in My Journey to Weston he induc’d me to lodge at his Father Williams.[1]  But Mr. Williams was gone to Hatfield.  Thomas Winchester Made Cyder a Day and Half, and gott in Corn a Day and half.

[1]The Rev. William Williams of Weston was father-in-law of the Rev. Mr. Seccomb.