October 8, 1745

1745 October 8 (Tuesday).  My wife rode to Marlborough p.m. to see Mrs. Gott, who is yet alive.  Ebenezer and Nathan Knowlton (with some help of Ebenezer Maynard) made a Load of Cyder.  Lieutenant Hezekiah Ward of Southborough here.  Finish’d Missons Voiages into Italy.[1] — After reading out Lowman on the Revelations.[2]  I have for some time been reading his paraphrase of such of the Notes as can be profitable, in my Family.

[1]Francois Mission, A New Voyage to Italy (2 vols.; London, 1695).

[2]Moses Lowman, A Paraphrase and Notes on the Revelation of St. John (London, 1737).